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Multiplayer Doom Federation: An Introduction

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on: January 28, 2019, 01:55:41 pm

This is not your typical doom league; we're taking all that we have learned from running mostly CTF over the years and applying it to every other gamemode you can think of. From Team Last Man Standing, to Survival, to Domination, and everything in between. We want this to be an experience like nobody has ever had before.

As an overall community, online doom has often found itself segregated into various different corners. Single-player experts and mappers had no interest in getting involved in the ultra-competitive multiplayer doom scene, and vice versa, and the situation has not improved throughout the years. The Multiplayer Doom Federation is an attempt the bridge the gap - to combine the competitive side of online doom with the fun side. We want a community run by the people, who play what they want to play and contribute to how it gets played.

Our desire is to have this community accessible to longtime veterans, newbies, and everyone in between. While some of our events may be geared towards players with the most skill, we will strive to make each experience as inclusive as possible.  Although a majority of our events will take place on Zandronum, this league does not call one specific multiplayer port "home". The best experience will determine where each event is hosted.

The best way to get involved is to join our Discord server.